Spanking Services

Ladies, if you would like to be spanked: you have come to the right place.

At the outset please let me stress nothing will happen unless you ask me for it.

Mild punishment is the usual request and the more outlandish is pretty rare: it is always your decision

If I say I do something: I do.

So, yes, I do spank women – who want me to

I also provide ‘Breast Appreciation‘ and ‘Vaginal Therapy‘.

Should you wish to avail yourself of my ‘spanking services‘ please contact me, in the first instance, via the contact form (link at the top of every page).

On-going, I will give you a special email address.

I can and will ensure confidentiality.

This is between you and I; no-one will ever know and nothing we say or do will end up here on this site or anywhere else.

Gently click on her bum (above) for more on Vanilla Spanking

I know & understand this may all be a fantasy or a curiosity on your part and we will never meet. That’s fine.

If this is a ‘first time‘ – let me assure you I will only ever do exactly what you wish for and desire and no more: it’s all about and for you (not me)

I am more than happy to answer your questions.

I have had a number of ladies who are over-the-moon to have found me. Let me attempt to reassure you, I will look after you in every way and you are safe dealing with me. I am a man of honour and act accordingly. I will not let you down.

Note: The ‘girls‘ I have dealt with range in age & appearence considerably.

I do not charge for ‘services’ – although, there have been exceptions (I must be ambiguous regarding the use of the word ‘charge‘. This protects you also).

I am based in England to which planes, trains and ships of all description regularly travel.

I must point out here, no-one is ever excluded from my life because of money or the lack thereof. My philosophy would not permit this and money never has any bearing – I am above such things.

Remember: Only I can send you a message in the form of a post on this site. If in doubt: use the contact form or consult my help page

My guide offers an insight. Bear in mind, what happens is up to you and nothing ever happens unless you ask me for it:

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Regarding my vouchers (coupons), I will honor them – wherever you got them.

If you haven’t got a voucher, help yourself:

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And, here’s my TV Commercial:


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I offer a comprehensive package. In addition to my spanking & related services, I have optional ‘treatments’.

All meals and accomodation are catered for.

My inclusive deals include excursions to places like the RSC in Stratford, jousting at Warwick Castle and shopping in Birmingham as well as other delightful days out such as horse riding and sailing.

Entertainment is part of my hosting which includes topless chess, topless sword fighting and the chance to act in one of my plays. Not to mention dancing and role play.

All of this and more are at a fixed price. I can’t stand it when I go somewhere and its extra for this, extra for that, so I will not do it myself. Instead, it is all available it’s up to the visitor what she wants or doesn’t.

What’s more, if finance is an issue, I offer the exact same package as paying guests for absolutely nothing.

Conversely, the more refined are treated exactly the same yet I have a helicopter landing & housing facility nearby and private jets can use a small airport half an hour away.

You are my first and only priority


No-one offers what I do
I lead: others follow. It’s always been that way


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