Topless Sword Fighting for Tarts

Topless Sword Fighting has returned to Sywwow Mansion (Central England)

And you thought it was over

Great news for tarts who like to be topless and have sword fights – my facilitation of such is restored.

I am the only twat in the world offering this great experience of sex, thrills and toplessness.

Yes, Topless Sword Fighting for Tarts is now available again at Sywwow Mansion on Saturday Evenings.

I detest rules of all kinds yet I will ensure your safety:
After taking advice, I have made some sensible refinements.

  • The choice of weapons has been limited to the Foil, Épéeand & Sabre (no exceptions). These are fitted with tip protectors to prevent wounding. This means you shall not acquire a duelling scar to be proud of like I have. The good news is you won’t be killed.
  • Eye protection will be worn at all times. This protection is in the form of special glasses. Not absurd face shields like those pussy professionals use, they’re stylish & sexy. You will wear them: The worst pain known to man is an eye injury – take it from one who knows. (you girls who wear glasses are so sexy – but you already knew that, surely)
  • A trained first aid person (ME) will be there at all times.
  • For legal reasons, Topless Sword Fighting for Tarts, is only available to my ‘friends’ it is not a public event. I like making friends. If you want to be a ‘friend’ of mine: Contact ME.

For details please contact me


Note: At the last minute you may think again. This is perfectly fine. Instead you may wish to partake in: