A good deed…

It will have been about three years ago that I visited the Belgian city of Bruges with a couple of friends. Believe me, we had a lot of fun. At some point I met an older man. I didn’t recognize him immediately, but he did recognize me. Because who doesn’t recognize me. He remembered me from when I was an escort and had gone out with me a few times. We started talking on the street and wanted to know if my cunt was as good as it was then. I gave him a favor and lifted my skirt. Without hesitation he put his hand between my legs and with a big smile he confirmed that my pussy was just as good as it was then. I am such a sweetheart, I did another good deed and satisfied an older man.

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Boring times

We all have to stay inside.
We have to amuse ourselves at home.
Watching television, reading.
Maybe some incidental spanking.

Done with all those things.
Visit my new STORYBOOK.

Exclusive for my Sywwow fans!

Read on…

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Wedding Night Rehearsals…

In a few months it’s time. The long awaited wedding day.
At this moment all necessary agreements are made to ensure that the day runs smoothly.
Even the menu for the guests is already known and we have already had a try out of all the goodies that come on the table.

And I’m also practicing. Now that my partner to be is spending a week abroad, I went through the wedding night with a few friends and started practicing all kinds of sexy and dirty positions.
I just want the day to succeed and the night even more …

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Glory hole II

On my search for the final outcome of the glory hole phenomenon, my eye fell on a laptop left behind in a pile of discarded household goods.
How did I know it was discarded? It had a sticker with the word supervacaneous and a number: laptop 11.
Curious and not knowing whether the device would still work, I took it with me.
And, miracle of miracles, after some trickery I saw the windows screen light up.
I could only retrieve one folder called: Trip to the Czech Republic.

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Soon in this theater

Bientôt dans ce théâtre
Bald in diesem Theater
Binnekort in hierdie teater
Snart i dette teater
Presto in questo teatro
Mox in theatrum
Snart i dette teateret
Wkrótce w tym teatrze
Em breve neste teatro
Скоро в этом театре
Pronto en este teatro
Yakında bu tiyatroda
Snart i denna teater

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I’m a happy hooker.
This week I received a reply from Brussels from Lord XXX XXXXXX.
He certainly wanted to meet me.
And especially after he had a telephone consultation with his British connection.
I was invited to the European capital in his apartment.
After a further introduction, to a richly flowing whiskey, he invited me into the bedroom.
I had never been in a MP’s bedroom before and I was a bit thrilled.
However, as befits a gentleman, he did not even loosen his tie when he put me over his knee.
He had heard from his British relationship that this was the best way to break the ice.
I won’t talk about it for long, judge for yourself if it was right …

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The letter…

Thank you so much my dearest Lord Sywwow for the detailed information you granted me.
I owe you so much.

Could you please look at the letter I am intendig to send to Dr. XXX XXXXXX
Perhaps you can tell me if it’s good or not.
I’m thrilled thinking of how things will continue.

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I am an addict …

I just can’t get enough.
Time and again I rise to great heights.
Step outside of myself.
But actually I know, enough is enough.

With my addiction I also influence many others.
I am sure they will enjoy my addiction as well.
Men as well as women.
They join me, whether they like it or not.
Once you are working on it, you cannot stop.

As soon as they are confronted with my activities, a switch goes on in their frontal lobe.
The burning sensation to give in to it becomes more and more intense.
Men feel the desire grow, the blood pressure increases in women.
You feel your inner glow, you have to, you have to …

You must continue.
Give the utmost of yourself.
Give yourself the utmost.

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Extra boost …

It is so fucking hard to keep your head above water during this time of recession.
I do have a number of customers who are loyal to me, but you have to rave like a parrot to get new assignments.
Okay, I have a website, very nice and neat, as it should be.
But suddenly, and that is because of the fucker SYWWOW with his weird ideas, I got a very clear inspiration.
Why not once be very good and innocent.
But aggressive and seductive?
Okay … you can book me if you click on the next picture.
But then we both go naked.
Promised ???

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First wedding night

October 4, an undeniably unforgettable day.
I am sure Lord SYWWOW was also impressed by the unexpected receipt of the marriage contract signed by me with conviction.
Of course, on my last visit to the UK, we consumed the first wedding night with passion.
He later sent me some pictures of my beautiful body in the remains of my wedding gown.
And of course, I want to share one of those pictures with the loyal visitors of this incomparable website.

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Always wanted to share something about nothing.
But nothing is something.
And something is nothing.
So nothing is something.
And there is nothing between my legs.
Really nothing …

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