BarbarElla Exclusive

Reprinted from The Hollwood Reporter (01.01.20)

The other day whilst at Pinewood filming Summertime Special for ITV, I ran into, non other than, music legend, BarbarElla.

After extraditing myself from the whole Cruise / Winslet affair by blaming someone else I got to chatting with her over a bottle of Absinthe.

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BarbarElla Tour Update

My foray into marketing has gone slightly awry.

I thought a publicity shoot at Rico’s match would shift some CDs. Therefore, using some contacts in the world of hitting each other, I set it up.

I believed some nice photos of them both in the ring singing a track from her CD, Christmas with BarbarElla, would be a cheerful interlude whilst he prepared for his bout.

I chose the track Fairytale of New York.

It would appear, Rico, took some of the lyrics personally. Oddly, so did BarbarElla. At some point, for no apparent reason, BarbarElla may have kicked someone. Once that Rico gets in the ring, there’s no stopping him.

Get the CD, Christmas with BarbarElla , right now this minute by ordering it from Amazon or some other place: It’s a smash


The following dates on the ‘Buy My Christmas CD’ tour are postponed: Blackpool, Brussels, Bognor, Brighton and Bridlington. All theses dates begin with B – baffling. Dates not beginning with a B are unaffected. Strange.

I feel somehow responsible for this so have emailed Rico demanding we meet in the ring where he will have the opportunity of picking on someone his own size. I am yet to receive a response.

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