Editorial rats

After the email I received earlier today, I just received an envelope from a courier service containing a copy of the dreaded Sun.
A publication that I had not yet seen, because usually these tabloids disappear right under the ass of my benevolent shitting and pissing cat.
Again, the editorial rats manipulated and mutilated the news.
This will not benefit me, my dear friend Jane and the production of the outstanding movie.
I think the two people behind this are familiar to me.
And I do not want to mention the names of a certain Lord and someone who claims to be my mother, whom I now also start to doubt about.

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Soon in this theater

Bientôt dans ce théâtre
Bald in diesem Theater
Binnekort in hierdie teater
Snart i dette teater
Presto in questo teatro
Mox in theatrum
Snart i dette teateret
Wkrótce w tym teatrze
Em breve neste teatro
Скоро в этом театре
Pronto en este teatro
Yakında bu tiyatroda
Snart i denna teater

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I’m a happy hooker.
This week I received a reply from Brussels from Lord XXX XXXXXX.
He certainly wanted to meet me.
And especially after he had a telephone consultation with his British connection.
I was invited to the European capital in his apartment.
After a further introduction, to a richly flowing whiskey, he invited me into the bedroom.
I had never been in a MP’s bedroom before and I was a bit thrilled.
However, as befits a gentleman, he did not even loosen his tie when he put me over his knee.
He had heard from his British relationship that this was the best way to break the ice.
I won’t talk about it for long, judge for yourself if it was right …

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The letter…

Thank you so much my dearest Lord Sywwow for the detailed information you granted me.
I owe you so much.

Could you please look at the letter I am intendig to send to Dr. XXX XXXXXX
Perhaps you can tell me if it’s good or not.
I’m thrilled thinking of how things will continue.

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First wedding night

October 4, an undeniably unforgettable day.
I am sure Lord SYWWOW was also impressed by the unexpected receipt of the marriage contract signed by me with conviction.
Of course, on my last visit to the UK, we consumed the first wedding night with passion.
He later sent me some pictures of my beautiful body in the remains of my wedding gown.
And of course, I want to share one of those pictures with the loyal visitors of this incomparable website.

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