LydiE’s arse: Unharmed

LydiE, like all women (there are no exceptions whatsoever at all), is prone to exaggeration and hysterics.

As illustration of this: she was so worried about mad-cap singing sensation BarbarElla’s disappearance she decided to have a ‘great holiday & loads of fun’.

Whilst swimming she claims to have narrowly avoided having her arse bitten by a shark


More likely she saw a small fish and completely over-reacted.

Here is the picture, judge for yourselves…

Fucking Hell

One arse: Unbitten. I rest my case

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The Drawers Affair

She’ll never find it in there. What an idiot.
Why would I hide it there?
I’m so good at hiding things even I don’t know where they are.
What a first-class loon of massive proportions to the max, times 8.5

Oh, ffs – she’d better not open the top drawer…

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Editorial rats

After the email I received earlier today, I just received an envelope from a courier service containing a copy of the dreaded Sun.
A publication that I had not yet seen, because usually these tabloids disappear right under the ass of my benevolent shitting and pissing cat.
Again, the editorial rats manipulated and mutilated the news.
This will not benefit me, my dear friend Jane and the production of the outstanding movie.
I think the two people behind this are familiar to me.
And I do not want to mention the names of a certain Lord and someone who claims to be my mother, whom I now also start to doubt about.

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