Help me out …

Sometimes it just happens.
I had to work in my mother’s shop and studio all day, she was doing a photoshoot on location.
But today I felt so incredibly horny.
The juices were flowing from my pussy between my legs at every step I took.
My slim fit pants were completely moist in the crotch.
I was alone … working in her new studio.
So, what can a poor girl do…

No customers… I locked the front door for a while and turned the shield… CLOSED!
In a quiet corner I put my hand in my pants and started fingering my wet twat.
To be honest, it did work out …
Though I needed a big cock in my craving cunt, after 15 minutes my orgasm came like a tsunami.
Where are the studs who’d fuck you when I really need them?

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I am an addict …

I just can’t get enough.
Time and again I rise to great heights.
Step outside of myself.
But actually I know, enough is enough.

With my addiction I also influence many others.
I am sure they will enjoy my addiction as well.
Men as well as women.
They join me, whether they like it or not.
Once you are working on it, you cannot stop.

As soon as they are confronted with my activities, a switch goes on in their frontal lobe.
The burning sensation to give in to it becomes more and more intense.
Men feel the desire grow, the blood pressure increases in women.
You feel your inner glow, you have to, you have to …

You must continue.
Give the utmost of yourself.
Give yourself the utmost.

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