Glory hole II

On my search for the final outcome of the glory hole phenomenon, my eye fell on a laptop left behind in a pile of discarded household goods.
How did I know it was discarded? It had a sticker with the word supervacaneous and a number: laptop 11.
Curious and not knowing whether the device would still work, I took it with me.
And, miracle of miracles, after some trickery I saw the windows screen light up.
I could only retrieve one folder called: Trip to the Czech Republic.

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Soon in this theater

Bientôt dans ce théâtre
Bald in diesem Theater
Binnekort in hierdie teater
Snart i dette teater
Presto in questo teatro
Mox in theatrum
Snart i dette teateret
Wkrótce w tym teatrze
Em breve neste teatro
Скоро в этом театре
Pronto en este teatro
Yakında bu tiyatroda
Snart i denna teater

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Extra boost …

It is so fucking hard to keep your head above water during this time of recession.
I do have a number of customers who are loyal to me, but you have to rave like a parrot to get new assignments.
Okay, I have a website, very nice and neat, as it should be.
But suddenly, and that is because of the fucker SYWWOW with his weird ideas, I got a very clear inspiration.
Why not once be very good and innocent.
But aggressive and seductive?
Okay … you can book me if you click on the next picture.
But then we both go naked.
Promised ???

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